How does it work?

Our service is designed to work directly with your Nexternal Order Management System.  Once your account is set up, orders placed in your store are checked against your VPS product settings.  If a match is found, a digital download file is created for your customer and an email is sent out with pickup instructions and a link.  Once the email is sent to your client, the order status is updated in your Nexternal OMS with a status of “shipped”.

Try the Demo!

We have a test website set up with a working demo, so you can see how the VPS solution works from your customer’s perspective.  Just place an order for the Sample product and checkout by paying with the following test cc# 4111 1111 1111 1111 exp. 11/13.  Within 10 minutes, you’ll receive an email with a link to your personal download page.  CLICK HERE to try the Demo now!

What’s it going to cost?

Subscribing to the VPS service for Nexternal is very affordable – only $25 per month.  For each sale processed, there is a transaction fee equal to a small percentage of the product’s sale price.  We also offer cloud-based hosting for your digital items through our relationship with’s S3 storage service.  This add-on gives you high availability and massive bandwidth, and is a great option for hosting larger downloadable files like MP3s or videos.

How do I manage my download orders?

We have a full featured self-service portal that allows you to view all of the download transactions VPS has processed for you.  You can also do many common tasks, like extending the download time for customers and re-sending personal download pages to customers.  We make it easy for you to serve your customers!